The Ultimate Guide to Seine River Cruises in Paris


Evening Cruise on the Seine River in Paris

Evening Cruise on the Seine River in Paris

When you’re going to Paris, there are plenty of fun activities you can do. You can go to the Louvre or visit the Eiffel Tower for example, but one activity that can’t miss from your trip to Paris is a cruise on the Seine River in Paris. In the article below, we will tell you more about a cruise on the Seine River.

Why should you take a cruise on the Seine River?

Taking a cruise on the Seine River is the perfect opportunity to look at some of the best highlights of Paris! You will pass some of the best architectural masterpieces of Paris as well as other popular attractions, like the Eiffel Tower. When you take a cruise on the Seine River, you glide through the heart of Paris. There are plenty of options to choose from as many operators offer a cruise on the Seine River.

Evening cruise with dinner

One of the best ways to enjoy in Paris, a Dinner cruise on the Seine River in the evening. You can choose between multiple cruises that offer a tour in the evening with dinner. The roof of the boat is made from glass, which gives its visitors the opportunity to see everything around them. During this cruise, you will be able to enjoy a nice 3-course dinner together with wine or champagne, depending on what you prefer. The entire cruise lasts about 2.5 hours and it’s totally worth it!

During the evening, the Eiffel Tower is lit up with hundreds of magnificent lights and you will see exactly why this romantic city is called the City of Lights! Another advantage of the evening cruise with dinner is that you will often have live music on board of the boat as well, which gives the cruise an amazing ambiance. When you take an evening cruise with dinner on the Seine River in Paris, you will definitely enjoy a night that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Lunch cruise

Another fun option is to take a Lunch cruise on the Seine River during your stay in Paris! This is perfect for when you have other plans in the evening and when you want to see the highlights of Paris in broad daylight. A lunch cruise usually takes about 2 hours, during which you can enjoy quite an extensive lunch. Just like the dinner cruise, you will be served a 3-course meal, where you can drink some lovely wine or amazing champagne. This option is especially great when you and your partner are on your honeymoon and you’re looking for a romantic activity during the day.

When you take the Lunch cruise on the Seine River, you will have a seat at one of the windows, where you get the best view of all of the highlights around you. These boats use as much glass on them as well in order to give all of the visitors the perfect view of the stunning city Paris! During the cruise, you and the other passengers will pass under the Pont Neuf as well as some other famous bridges in Paris. This cruise also offers a romance package. This gives you and your partner the opportunity to have some amazing pictures taken with some of the most famous highlights of Paris in the back, like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum.

Champagne cruise

If you’re not keen on eating on a boat, you will definitely love this cruise. You can actually book a Champagne cruise on the Seine River, during which you can try different kinds of champagne. You and the rest of your company will be able to enjoy 3 different champagne tastings. The cruise is also shorter than the dinner cruise and the lunch cruise, since this one only takes approximately an hour. However, you will still have plenty of time to see the best parts of Paris while enjoying your champagne.

During the Champagne cruise on the Seine River in Paris, you will get to see the Eiffel Tower as well as the Musee d’Orsay. There will also be a sommelier on board, who will both show you some of the best locations in Paris as well as inform you more about the different kinds of champagne. The sommelier is a true expert in both wines and champagnes as well as the wineries in Paris, which can be really useful if you love these. Besides their expertise in wine and champagne, they will also be able to answer any questions you have regarding the landmarks of Paris. So if you already have plans of where to eat and you can only spend a short amount of time on a cruise on the Seine River, we definitely recommend you taking the Champagne cruise for a wonderful experience!

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