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Looking for a Seine River Lunch Cruises in Paris? You have come to the right place! We have gathered all the essential information about Paris Seine lunch Cruises - Recommended cruises, operating hours, duration, route map, tickets, prices, and some essential tips. Take a look.

A multi-course French lunch paired with stunning views of Parisian icons like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, ornate bridges, and charming architecture makes for an utterly unforgettable Seine cruise experience. As your meal progresses, incredible dishes like croque monsieur, quiche lorraine, and boeuf bourguignon are perfectly executed and served. You can savor French classics while scenes of postcard-worthy Paris unfold around you.

The leisurely pace of the 1.5-2 hour cruise lets you fully enjoy both the exquisite cuisine and the gorgeous sights along this scenic urban river. Whether dining at a table on the open upper deck or relaxing in the elegant indoor salon, you’ll be surrounded by panoramic views of the City of Light floating right by your window.

Few experiences capture the romanticism and beauty of Paris quite like an indulgent lunch on the Seine. The tours conveniently depart from docks near top attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, allowing easy access. As your cruise takes you under stunning bridges and past charming cafes, you’ll feel immersed in the atmosphere that makes Paris so enchanting.

From booking tips to selecting the perfect cruise line and meal options, this guide covers everything needed to embark on a moveable feast along the Seine. A scenic lunch cruise is the ideal way to combine luxurious dining with effortless Parisian sightseeing.

To start off: Here are the best Seine River Lunch Cruise!

Here is some of the best and recommended Seine River Lunch Cruises which you can find in Paris:

Different types of lunch cruise experiences available along the Seine River

The most popular lunch offerings are the traditional multi-course French meal cruises. These showcase classic French cuisine with dishes like quiche lorraine, salad lyonnaise, roasted chicken, seafood platters, cheese boards, creme brulee, and other French specialties. The meals are served at your table over 1.5-2 hours as you take in Parisian views.

Brunch cruise options are also available for those looking for a daytime tour. These feature lighter fare like pastries, omelets, smoked salmon, crepes, fresh fruits, mimosas, and French wines. The atmosphere is relaxed and more casual.

For a unique experience, some cruises offer specialized regional meal themes. You may have a Normandy-focused menu of cheeses, seafood, cider and more. Or an indulgent chocolate-themed cruise perfect for dessert lovers.

Private dining charters can be booked for groups, allowing you to hold an exclusive celebratory meal on the water tailored to your preferences. Many lunch cruises also have live musical entertainment like jazz trios adding to the ambience.

From casual brunches to lavish multi-course affairs, Seine River cruises offer wonderful ways to savor French cuisine against the iconic backdrop of Paris.

Popular Seine River Lunch Cruise Providers

Bateaux Mouches is one of the largest Seine cruise companies and offers daily lunch cruises. Their expansive glass-roofed boats have ornate interiors and feature live piano music with meals. Menus include classic French dishes paired with wines.

Bateaux Parisiens also operates a fleet of glass-topped vessels hosting 1.5 hour Parisian lunch cruises with set menus of traditional French fare. They are known for excellent service and catering.

Vedettes du Pont Neuf focuses on a more intimate experience with lunch cruises on their open-air boats. Enjoy views from outdoor seats or under their sheltered salon area. The cuisine highlights fresh seasonal ingredients.

Le Calife has specially designed boats made entirely of wood carrying just 80 passengers for a cozy ambience. Their French multi-course lunch menus emphasize gastronomic flavors and visual presentation.

Canauxrama offers a “Coupe Champagne” lunch cruise catering to smaller groups. Their set meals include champagne along beautiful architectural sights between the Orsay Museum and Notre Dame.

With its beautiful riverfront setting, Paris attracts many lunch cruise operators catering to tourists and locals looking to experience this charming city from a unique on-the-water perspective during an indulgent French meal.

Cruise Company Sample Lunch Cruise Options
Bateaux Mouches Classic French lunch cruise, live music
Bateaux Parisiens Multi-course French lunch cruise
Vedettes du Pont Neuf Lunch cruise on open-top boat
Le Calife Gourmet French lunch presentation
Canauxrama “Coupe Champagne” lunch cruise

Seine River Lunch Cruise Tickets & Prices - How much does it cost?

A standard 1.5-2 hour Seine lunch cruise tickets, costs around €60-80 per person when booked in advance online. Walk-up ticket purchases at docks typically run 10-15% higher.

Most set multi-course French meal cruises fall within the €60-80 price point including appetizer, entrees, dessert, and drinks like wine or champagne. Brunch cruises are comparable or slightly cheaper at €50-70 with lighter fare.

Higher-end gourmet and culinary focused lunch cruises like those from Le Calife run €100-150+ per person. These offer lavish ingredients and elaborate preparation.

Private charters for custom cruises typically start at a minimum of €200-300 per person even for small groups, as you must meet minimums of several hundred euros per hour.

Themed and special event lunch cruises like New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, jazz concert cruises command premium pricing from €125-200 per person.

Making reservations early, traveling off-peak, opting for group bundles, and considering open deck seats can reduce costs. But expect €60-100 per person for a standard Seine lunch cruise experience.

Cruise Type Average Price Range
Standard lunch cruise €60-80 per person
Brunch cruise €50-70 per person
Gourmet/culinary cruise €100-150+ per person
Private charter €200-300+ per person
Holiday/special event €125-200+ per person

Where you should buy tickets for Lunch Cruises in Paris?

Best way to purchase lunch cruise tickets, is by well-known platforms which offer to order tickets in advance and with discounts. Some of the most popular ones are “Tiqets” which is considered a very well-known online tickets platform, or “Getyourguide” which is also a very popular website.

Another good way to secure tickets is to book directly through the cruise company’s website, which will have the full range of available lunch offerings and often discounted pricing for advance purchase.

If already in Paris, tickets can also be purchased at the cruise operator’s dock kiosk on the day of departure. However, popular lunch tours often sell out so walk-up availability is limited.

Many Paris tourism centers and hotel concierges sell packaged deals including lunch cruises, but prices are usually marked up compared to direct company bookings.

When buying lunch cruises as part of bigger sightseeing pass bundles, verify exactly what’s included as sometimes drinks or other amenities may require separate fees.

For the widest variety of lunch cruise choices, best pricing, and guaranteed seats at your desired time, reserve directly through the operator’s website well in advance of arriving in Paris whenever possible.

Paris Pass Seine River Cruise - Here is what you need to know!

Menu - Food & drinks

Multi-course French lunch cruises usually start with an appetizer course featuring options like croque monsieur, crepes, quiche lorraine, pâté de campagne, or soupe à l’oignon. The appetizer is followed by a salad course with mixed greens or specifically French options like salade niçoise.

The main course generally includes classically French meat dishes like boeuf bourguignon, roasted chicken with herbs, or duck confit. Fish options are often available as well such as grilled salmon or sole meuniere. Vegetarian meals can be accommodated with ratatouille, crêpes, or cheese plates.

Breads, cheeses, and desserts round out lunch cruise menus. Baguettes, croissants, and pastries are served alongside cheeses like brie and camembert. Final sweets may include chocolate mousse, creme brûlée, macarons, fruit tarts, or opera cake.

Beverages like wine, champagne, and non-alcoholic drinks are included on most cruises. Unlimited drink packages can usually be added on as well for an additional cost. The meals aim to showcase the depth of French cuisine using seasonal ingredients and classic preparation techniques.

Booking Tips

Here are some tips for booking the optimal Seine River lunch cruise experience in Paris:

  • Reserve your cruise tickets directly through the company’s website well in advance for the best rates and guaranteed availability. Popular lunch tours fill up.
  • Select your preferred departure time carefully – aim for when you expect to be hungry between other sightseeing plans.
  • Specify any food allergies, restrictions, or preferences when booking so the kitchen can accommodate.
  • Opt for a table on the upper open deck if available for the best outdoor views during your meal.
  • For special occasions, see if you can arrange a celebration package with flowers, gifts, or wine.
  • Read reviews of the different companies to choose the meal quality, ambience, and style that suits you.
  • Book a private charter lunch cruise for groups, events, or even more intimate 1:1 dining experiences.
  • For saving money, consider booking lunch during the off-season or for weekday sailings when fares are lower.
  • Triple check the meeting time and boarding location instructions so you don’t miss your cruise.
  • Dress nicely – lunch cruises typically have more elegant, refined atmospheres.

Meeting point / Pick-up & drop-off

Most lunch cruise companies depart from docks located centrally along the Seine River. This allows you to simply walk, take a taxi, or use public transport to arrive at your embarkation point.

Popular docks near top attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame include Port de la Bourdonnais, Port de la Conference, Port Debilly, and Port de Solferino.

When booking, carefully confirm the exact meeting time and departure dock address so you arrive in time for boarding. Arrive 10-15 minutes early. If running late, urgently call or message the provided contact.

At the end of your cruise, the boat will return to the original docking point or a nearby disembarkation jetty. This keeps things centrally located. From here you can walk, hail a taxi, or take the metro to continue sightseeing or return to your hotel.

Some companies offer hotel pick-up/drop-off services within central Paris for an added fee. This provides door-to-door convenience. Just account for potential traffic delays impacting precise timing.

Doing your logistical research and planning in advance results in a smooth embarkation process so you can relax, take your seat, and indulge in French cuisine aboard your Seine lunch cruise.

Typical duration for Seine River Lunch Cruises

  • Standard Multi-Course Lunch Cruises: These usually last 1.5-2 hours to allow sufficient time to enjoy a leisurely paced 3-4 course meal along with taking in views of Parisian landmarks gliding by.
  • Brunch Cruises: Shorter brunch tours run about 1-1.5 hours since they feature lighter, quicker fare at a more relaxed pace.
  • Private Charters: Groups can often fully customize the duration from 1 hour up to 4-5 hours for extended private events like birthdays or weddings.
  • Holiday and Special Event Cruises: Special occasion lunch cruises tend to be 2-3 hours to incorporate celebrations and themes.
  • Regional Cuisine Cruises: Cruises showcasing distinctive regional fare are usually at least 2 hours to highlight multiple courses.


Considering most multi-course French meals progress over 2+ hours, the 1.5-2 hour cruise duration ensures you never feel rushed while dining and sightseeing along the beautiful Seine through the heart of Paris.

Cruise Type Typical Duration
Multi-course lunch cruise 1.5-2 hours
Lighter brunch cruise 1-1.5 hours
Private charter Customizable 1-5 hours
Holiday/event cruise 2-3 hours
Regional cuisine cruise At least 2 hours

What to expect During a Lunch Cruise in Paris?

You can look forward to indulging in a mouthwatering, professionally prepared French meal, with dishes creatively presented by the onboard chef. Menus change seasonally to highlight fresh local ingredients. Expect fine flavors and generous portions from start to finish.

As you dine, you’ll be surrounded by expansive views of Paris’s top landmarks like Notre Dame, the Louvre, ornate bridges, and charming architecture passing by your window. The boat moves smoothly during the multi-course experience.

Servers provide attentive table-side service, refilling your drinks and carefully timing each course. The atmosphere aims for elegant but casual. While dining, live accordion music or other acoustic performances often entertain guests with classic French songs.

The duration allows you to fully savor the flavors and sights without feeling rushed. You may choose to dine inside the enclosed glass cabin or outdoors on the upper deck, weather permitting.

With incredible food, luxury amenities, and unmatched views, a Seine lunch cruise combines the best of Paris for an afternoon of indulgence on the water. The city becomes your own personal backdrop.

Top sights and landmarks you'll see while on a lunch cruise in Paris:

Here are some top sights and landmarks you’ll often see while on a lunch cruise along the Seine River in Paris:

  • The Eiffel Tower – Get a breathtaking perspective on Paris’s iconic iron lattice tower from below while cruising by.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – Marvel at the gothic grandeur of Notre Dame’s architecture looming along the Seine’s banks.
  • Louvre Museum – This colossal former palace turned museum has an instantly recognizable geometric glass pyramid entrance.
  • Musée d’Orsay – The elegant former Orsay railway station is now a trove of Impressionist art masters.
  • Pont Alexandre III – Admire the grand belle époque styling of this ornate, gilt-covered bridge spanning the Seine.
  • Pont Neuf – Delight in views of Paris’s oldest standing bridge, known for its iconic arches and churning water cascades.
  • Ile de la Cité – Drift by the scenic island heart of Paris where Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapelle reside.
  • Grand Palais – Feast your eyes on the imposing Beaux Arts glasswork and dome of the Grand Palais exhibition hall.
Batobus Paris Stops - Where does the Batobus stop
The Eiffel Tower

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Seine River lunch cruises usually last?

Most lunch cruises are 1.5-2 hours to allow sufficient time for a multi-course meal along with sightseeing. Lighter brunch options may be only 1 hour.

What type of cuisine is served on the lunch cruises?

Most cruises serve classic French cuisine with dishes like quiche, soups, seafood, roasted chicken, cheeses, crepes, and pastries. Menus change seasonally.

Are any dietary needs and restrictions accommodated?

Yes, notify the cruise company beforehand of any food allergies, preferences, or requirements so they can accommodate you.

What’s the best time of day to take a Seine lunch cruise?

Late morning through mid-afternoon tend to be optimum times to sightsee and enjoy a midday meal while avoiding crowds.

Are drinks like wine, beer, etc. included with lunch?

Drink packages can be added on, but standard lunch cruise prices usually only include water. Other beverages cost extra.

Is there entertainment or music during the lunch cruises?

Many boats have live accordion or jazz musicians performing French songs during your meal. Others feature recorded background music.

Are lunch cruises suitable for children?

Yes, lunch cruises can be great for families traveling with kids. Discounted child fares are often available as well.

Seine Lunch Cruise - Pros and Cons


  • Unique way to indulge in fine French cuisine while sightseeing at the same time
  • All-inclusive experience bundles dining, drinks, and attractions
  • Chance to see top Paris landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame
  • Atmospheric perspective of the city from aboard a boat on the river
  • Often live musical entertainment providing a taste of French culture
  • Relaxing alternative to crowded Parisian restaurants
  • Easy to pre-book online and avoid mealtime logistics when in the city


  • Pricing can be expensive, especially on premium/holiday dates
  • Set multi-course format offers less flexibility than ordering a la carte
  • Potential motion sickness for those sensitive to boat movement
  • Dress expectations are elevated over casual dining
  • Timing constraints to accommodate a 1.5-2 hour experience
  • Waiting staff moving between tables could be disruptive
  • Not ideal for young children or extremely picky eaters
  • Crowds at touristy docks and on larger boats

Traveler Reviews of Lunch Seine Cruises in Paris

Here are some real traveler reviews of lunch cruises along the Seine River in Paris:

“The food was fabulous and the live music really added to the ambience. Well worth it even at the premium price”.

“Sitting up on the open deck as we floated by the Eiffel Tower was such an amazing experience”.

“They were so accommodating of my shellfish allergy and the vegetarian meal was delicious”.

“Everything felt elegantly presented – from the menus to the food and views”.

“The portions were huge across all three courses. Come hungry!”

“They kept our wine glasses full the entire time which was great”.

“It got a bit crowded at times moving around the boat, but the meal service was great”.

“Probably not the best choice if you get seasick easily – the boat rocked a bit in parts”.

“The dessert crepes and macarons were so perfect with my coffee after an incredible meal”.

“We saw parts of Paris’s skyline that you just can’t appreciate without being on the river”.

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