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How long does Batobus ticket last?

How long does Batobus ticket last

Planning to purchase tickets to the Batobus Paris Cruise? Here is what you need to know about How long does Batobus ticket last?

Batobus is a popular Hop-On Hop-Off sightseeing boat along the Seine River that lets travelers get on and off at major attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum and more. Batobus offers 1, 2, and 5 day tickets – but how long are they valid for?

Batobus paris tickets - 1 Day Pass

The 1 day Batobus pass is valid for 24 hours from first use at any stop. Once activated, you have a full day to cruise along the river route and hop on and off as much as you want.

The 1 day ticket expires 24 hours after initial use, not 24 hours after purchase. So you don’t have to use it the same calendar day you buy it. You have a full 24 hours of total cruise time.

This allows flexibility to sightsee at your own pace. Use your 1 day pass anytime within 3-6 months after purchasing depending on season.

Here is some of the best Seine River Cruises in Paris:

Batobus paris tickets - 2 Day Pass

The 2 day Batobus pass is valid for 48 hours starting from first use. Get on and off for two consecutive days once activated.

Again, the 48 hours is total cruise time, not calendar days. You have a full 48 hours from initial stamp to take Batobus.

Use your 2 day pass within 3-6 months from purchase date.

Batobus paris tickets - 5 Day Pass

The 5 day Batobus pass is valid for 5 days total over a 14 day period. You have 14 calendar days to use your 5 total days of unlimited Batobus cruising.

Once activated on day 1, the pass expires 14 calendar days later regardless of number of days used. The 5 day pass can only be used within 3 months after buying.

Know Before You Go

Understanding Batobus validity durations allows smart planning. You don’t have to use passes on consecutive days or rush. Check schedules in advance to use your time wisely hopping between Paris icons!

Batobus paris tickets - A quick look:

Ticket Validity
1 Day Pass 24 hours total cruise time from first use
2 Day Pass 48 hours total cruise time from first use
5 Day Pass 5 total days of use within 14 calendar days of first use

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