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Is a Seine River Cruise at Night Worth It?

Is a Seine River Cruise at Night Worth It

Thinking about taking a Cruise on the Seine River at night?Is it a great decision or not? Here's what to consider when making your decision.

A moonlit cruise along the River Seine as Paris lights up is undoubtedly romantic. But is paying for an evening boat tour really worth it compared to cruising during daylight hours? Here’s what to consider when deciding.

Pros of a Seine river cruise at night

  • Illuminated monuments – Paris’s iconic landmarks look majestic lit up after dark. Cruise by the glittering Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre and more.
  • Enchanting ambiance – Gliding along the shimmering Seine under the night sky creates a magical, romantic atmosphere.
  • Price – Evening cruises are often 30-50% cheaper than daytime.
  • Cooler temperatures – Summer night cruises offer respite from the afternoon heat.

Cons of a Seine river cruise at night

  • Limited visibility – Details of monuments and scenery can be harder to see in darkness.
  • Potentially chilly – Night cruises can require bundling up more outside.
  • Fewer cruises – Schedules offer more options during the day.
  • Possible sleepiness – Late cruises may coincide with younger kids’ bedtimes.

The Verdict!

For romance, sightseeing ambiance and budget savings, a Seine River night cruise is highly recommended. The after-dark panoramas of Paris are unparalleled. Just be prepared with extra layers and don’t expect crystal clear monument viewing. 

Consult schedules ahead of time to find a cruise that works with your itinerary and children’s bedtimes if applicable. Share a memorable Paris night with someone special from the vantage point of a moonlit Seine boat.

Night Seine River Cruise

Time of Day Pros Cons
  • Illuminated landmarks
  • Romantic ambiance
  • Lower prices
  • Harder to see details
  • Can be chilly
  • Fewer schedule options
  • Easier to see landmarks
  • Warmer temperatures
  • More cruise schedules
  • Higher prices
  • Less romantic ambiance
  • Harsher daylight

Here is some of the best Seine Night Cruise

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