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Seine River Dinner Cruise Menu – What you should expect?

Seine River Dinner Cruise Menu - What you should expect?

A Seine River dinner cruise is a fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion or simply savor a romantic evening in Paris. But what about the menu? What should you expect?

One of the great pleasures of a Seine River dinner cruise in Paris is savoring exquisite French cuisine while taking in iconic sights drifting by. From multicourse gourmet meals to themed menus and buffets, Seine boats tantalize tastebuds with a moveable feast on the water.

Here’s what to expect menu-wise from the top cruise companies.

Seine River Dinner Cruise Menu - Sample Dinner Cruise Menus

Seine dinner cruise menus offer a gastronomic tour de France, with dishes like:

  • French onion soup, lobster bisque
  • Seared scallops, escargot
  • Coq au vin, beef bourguignon
  • Crème brûlée, profiteroles, macarons
  • Fine French wines and champagne

Most menus change seasonally to feature fresh ingredients. Themed cruises like Christmas feature holiday specialties.

Starter Main Course Dessert
Duck foie gras Roasted chicken with truffle sauce Chocolate mousse
Onion soup Pan seared salmon filet Crème brûlée
Goat cheese salad Braised lamb shank Profiteroles

Here are some of the most popular Seine River Dinner Cruise in Paris:

Top Seine Dinner Cruise Companies

  • Bateaux Parisiens
  • Bateaux Mouches
  • Vedettes du Pont Neuf
  • Canauxrama

Costs and Booking

Expect to spend €100-150+ per person for dinner cruises. Book online in advance for best rates and date/time choices.

Seine River Dinner Cruise Menu - Insider Tips

  • Lunch cruises offer similar cuisine for lower prices.
  • Request allergy/dietary needs upfront. Vegetarian possible.
  • Compare boat styles and ambiance to choose your cruise.
  • Arrive hungry – meals last 1-2 hours with multiple courses!

Seine Dinner Cruise Menu - FAQ

Are drinks included in the price?

Most cruises include standard wine/beer with dinner. Full bar extra.

What’s the average number of courses served?

Expect a 3-4 course meal on most dinner cruises.

How long do meals last?

Dining generally lasts 1-1.5 hours, allowing time for sightseeing too.

Can I request a special occasion meal?

Yes, alert them ahead for events like birthdays, anniversaries.

When are the most popular dinner cruises?

Summertime evening cruises are in highest demand.

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